Waiting list


Why the waiting list


Well I got busier than I ever thought and I have had to create a waiting list for customer cars. I try to balance my work between long term projects and short-term turn around. Due to the type of cars I work on, you really need more than one car in the shop, as you are frequently waiting on parts or other services, but I was getting too many and at its worst I had 14 cars in the shop awaiting service. Therefore, I am limiting the number of cars that I will keep at the shop. Optimally I will have 3 to 4 cars, but I will occasionally bring in a 5th car from a returning customer with normal quick service routines. 

I have created a waiting list. The first part of the list has cars currently in the shop. If you are reading this around 1/20/19 you can see the list is long.

The second list is for cars waiting to come into the shop. This list is in chronological order, and when a space opens up for your car you will be called to let you know of availability and I will give you about 2 weeks to deliver the car to the shop.

Sorry to do this but I am trying to balance efficiency and work load.

Updated 2/15/19 - Took a week off but back to work and reducing work load. Down to 8 from 14 and will be down to 7 shortly.

Currently in the shop

RW Lancia

EF Alfa Romeo

RH Triumph

RS Morgan

JM Alfa Romeo

CC Lancia

KB Alfa Romeo

Waiting list - These are listed chronologically

TW Jaguar

RH Jaguar

RW Alfa Romeo

SM Alfa Romeo

PR Morgan

CH Jaguar

RS Jaguar

KP Maserati

PK Abarth

JV Land Rover

JS Alfa Romeo

DD Lotus

BA Differential